Pedicures: Not just about pretty feet

We are on them all the time, and they are not necessarily in the right attire: our feet. At Marybeth’s, we recognize that a pedicure is not all about making “pretty” feet (although we can certainly do that if you want).

Improperly trimmed nails, shoes that fail to provide proper circulation to the feet, and/or sitting too long with lack of exercise to promote circulation can have a negative impact on your feet.

And feet exposed to the conditions of winter (dry indoor climate or wet socks from outdoor winter activities)can also cause foot problems, as can the regular build up of calluses.  And summer activities such as hiking and gardening, your feet need care.

While serious problems need to be addressed by a physician, a professional nail technician can check your feet, trim your nails, treat ingrown toenails, and gently buff away those calluses.

At Marybeth’s our pedicures are for men and women. Should you happen to want to liven up the look of your feet by selecting a nail polish of your choosing, well we can do that too!