Put your best face forward

Heat, low humidity, pollen, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, cigarette smoke, and everyday grime impacts our skin, and our faces take the brunt of it. Clogged pores and lack of proper deep hydration is not only unhealthy for our facial skin, it ages it.

After an illness, you may look in the mirror to see a face that looks depleted. Dehydration that often comes with illness prevents the body from flushing impurities out of pores due to lack of fluid from within.

Our esthetician can evaluate which type of facial is the best for you. And consider a facial to be a part of your routine—some of our clients choose to come monthly, some come with the change of each season.

Call us and let us treat you to a relaxing and healing facial, enjoyed by both men and women.

And until we see you, take good care of yourself.